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Cruise Ship Pop and Gentle Rock n' Roll


"I'm still reading by the gaslight you left after the show".


Naarm/Melbourne-based singer, songwriter and musician Taylah Carroll shares her latest single ‘Monogamy’, lifted from her sophomore EP 'The After Party'.

With her trademark exacting lyricism, the track examines social and romantic structures that at times keep us contained. “My favourite line in this song is “Selflessness is not self-sacrifice”. It sounds obvious, but I find the two things difficult to distinguish sometimes”.


A psychology graduate with a voice that will floor you, the Melbourne-via Mornington Peninsula-via-Eastern Suburbs artist melds her intuitive pop sensibilities with flourishes of Angel Olsen-indebted indie rock, to create a sound entirely her own.


Juxtaposing her commanding vocals and raw lyricism, with dramatic visual playscapes and Bowie-esque dance moves, Taylah Carroll wants to lay an other-worldly reality before her listeners - But it's her honesty that cuts through.


"Dark and smoky and a little bit magic."
triple j 

"A fresh slice of indie heaven..."
- RRR 

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