"Dark and smoky and a little bit magic."
- Gemma Pike, triple j 

"A fresh slice of indie heaven..."
- RRR 

- Wickked Childd


Hallmarked by commanding vocals and seamless transitions between vulnerability and strength, Taylah Carroll’s music is equal parts confessional dreamy alt-rock and indie-folk. With producer Tim Harvey (Jade Imagine, Gena Rose Bruce) at its helm, Taylah Carroll’s latest single, 'I’m Not Sold', juxtaposes anxiety and self-assuredness, as it narrates the common terror of the quarter-life crisis.

Recorded at Soundpark Studios and accompanied by Jade Imagine frontwoman Jade McInally on bass, Tim Harvey on lead guitar, and Damian Meoli on drums, the third single from the Melbourne songwriter feels sonically larger and more expressive than its predecessors. 

Of the track, Taylah says “I wanted this to feel like a ‘coming of age story’. The song was born out of a real fear of failure and a will to dispel the idea that there was a specific path I had to follow in order to “make a woman out of myself.”

There are parts of the song that hold a harsh and telling light up to myself, but it’s also a little slice of indignance to dish out to everyone that tells you that you can’t make it in whatever you’re pushing for." 

Taylah has always liked words. To listen to them, to think about them, to write them. It makes sense then, that lyrics are the centrepiece of her craft.  With stylistic echoes of Mazzy Star, and Angel Olsen, the singer-songwriter cites Tom Waits, Tori Amos, and Radiohead as key inspirations, the amalgamation of which have her leaning into nostalgia, with one foot always placed firmly ahead.


Growing up in Melbourne's eastern suburbs, it was performance that first captivated the young singer, who would perform at any opportune moment from as early as she can remember. "I would just sing and sing until everyone was sick of me... then I'd find somewhere public to perform".


Though her immediate family are not musical, somewhat comedically, the introspective artist is related to Iron Maiden member Steve Harris, a relationship she laughs at lightly, appreciating the stark contrast for the coincidence it is.

Her previous singles, 'Vermont' and the woozy and dark sophomore, ‘Sometimes Good People Do Bad Things’, saw Taylah break much ground in the Melbourne music scene, garnering national radio airplay and industry attention. Her emotive live performances lead to support slots with Harrison Storm, with whom she toured nationally, Gena Rose Bruce, Boydos, Powderfinger's Darren Middleton and more.

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